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Constellations Origins and
Definitions by Buy a Star Name a Star

Now, you can spend a few hours looking on the Net for research papers about constellations or you can take advantage of the research we have done for you. There are literally millions of web pages with information on constellations but much is of little value.

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constellation site and it's content. We hope you chose our site. You are welcome to spend your valuable time in this research or you can rely on the fact that we have done it for you and click the links on the left side of this page to learn more about constellations.

Basic Star Information

Stars are self-luminous gaseous spheres with temperatures reaching hundreds of thousands degrees Celsius. By burning the elements they are made of hydrogen, helium, carbon, etc. the stars glow. A star that burns hydrogen in its core is called a main sequence star. The Sun is an example of a main sequence star. The next step for a star if of modest mass, is a red giant. If very massive, it is a yellow or red supergiant. The Sun, whose current age is 4.5 billion years, will become a red giant in about 5.5 billion years. The next nearest star to us is in the Centaurus constellation, four-and-a-half million million million miles away.

Basic Constellation Information

Constellations are groupings of stars. In total there are 88 constellations with each having it's own name, usually mythological in origin. There are two visible changes in the positions of the constellations. One is daily, as the Earth spins on its axis, and the other is annual, as the Earth orbits the Sun.

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