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Constellations and Us
by Buy a Star Name a Star

Buy a Star Name a Star is designed as a content site for those wishing to learn more about the origination of star names and constellations. We will soon provide nearly one hundred pages of useful information on constellation names, their meaning and some images of popular constellations.

Buy a Star Name a Star also distributes star name certificates from International Star Registry. Their famous name a star service which is advertised on radio and print ads throughout the world make an excellent tie in for our web site and help us keep the doors open. This support provides our users with free content and information on constellations. It also allows Buy a Star Name a Star to continue our research on astronomy and the occurrence of constellations.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to educating you with relevant and reliable information about constellations.

We have researched and enjoyed constellation hunting and discovering their meanings for years. Let us be your guide to buying or naming the stars.

Find useful information on constellations and their stars. We also have important astronomy links from a variety of sources. At Buy a Star Name a Star we strive to educate our visitors and enhance your star gazing experience. We hope you find our site useful and entertaining